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Supercharge your mental health with a personalized focus on your mind & body.

Get your own lifestyle coach, therapist, nutritionist, or a self-care voucher (nail and spa) all starting at AED250 only!

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We've redesigned mental health care:

360 Mental Health Approach

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White Glove Service

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Empowering Minds,
Enriching Lives:
Caring for your health... and your budget !
Meet Our Providers: 

They talk about us

"I usually pay AED 750 for an average therapist and now less than that - I get the best possible therapist, nutritionist, and a freaking massage - It seemed too good to be true and but it's real guys"

- Anonymous, UAE

"The nutritionist Saumya was very empathetic..

I found her tips super helpful, memorable, and have started implementing her suggestions.

 I really liked that she developed a personalized plan for me that she sent over, so that I didn't have to take notes during the meeting. She also clearly knew the standard rec for different countries/regions of the world and recommended based on the place where I live."

- Anonymous, US

"Mansi really helped me breakdown my problem and analytically approach my life. I was struggling with my husband and I felt that I had hit a wall with him. She helped me through the process and remained empathetic, kind, and a true support system when I needed it the most"

- Lucky, Philippines 

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