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Theodora V

Stanford GSB and Ex-Beauty Exec

I am drawn to coaching because of the power it has to transform people's lives in meaningful ways. In our society, women have to face many hardships due to inherited cultural norms and gender biases they experience in the workforce. As primary family caretaker, they also have to navigate multiple transitions and face difficult decisions: Should I have a child if I want this promotion? Should I accept relocating the family for a job? What are the impacts of our parents on my relationship with my partner?

Supporting women in their journey to reach their full potential is my greatest joy. When a woman is overwhelmed with a difficult situation, my role is to help her realize the different choices she has in front of her, and support her in determining the future she wants to live in. When sure of herself, a woman becomes powerful and the implementation of the decision will make her thrive.

My training at Stanford Business School and Paris Sciences et Lettres University made me attuned to a vast variety of personal situations and gave me a good understanding of being a woman in a business environment. I personally experienced big transitions: becoming a moth, loss of my father, separation from my husband, loss of income, relocation in a new country,... It might have been rough at times, but thanks to it, I developed more empathy and the super power of seeing a way through hardships. In my practice, I like to focus on women's strengths to unlock a bright future.

I hope you leave my session empowered to take on your challenge - whatever it may be.

Theodora V
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