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Dina Smith

Coach and Therapist

A Coach, Speaker, and Licensed Professional Counselor, Dina R. Smith has worked in a variety of treatment settings. After obtaining an undergraduate degree from Florida A&M University, Dina began her career in business excelling in consumer finance, sales, compliance, and corporate training. But, her best work was yet to come. Becoming a mother changed every aspect of her life and fueled a desire to help other women lead more fulfilled lives.

Obtaining a Master’s in Community Counseling from Argosy University changed Dina’s career trajectory and she began working in mental health. This focus added anger management, substance abuse counselor, and marriage and family therapist to her well-rounded list of titles.

Dina owns and operates a company called, “Closet Therapy with Dina.” Her business focuses on affecting the lives of children by helping moms create more balanced lives through Professional Organizing, Counseling, and Lifestyle Coaching. You can find Dina Smith living her life on purpose and empowering women to do the same.

Dina Smith
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