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Meet Our Providers:


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Suman Khanna

Psychologist, Passionate Traveller, Food Lover and Just another Human Being

Mumbai, India

Masters in Clinical Psychology




My Approach: An eclectic approach to therapy empowering each individual to live their life to the full potential, before starting this I ensure they are first guided to discover their inner self. This helps me to further empower my clients understand their concerns better and explore the best capabilities to overcome them.

Area of Expertise: Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Stress Management, Performance Anxiety, Relationship Counselling, Career Guidance.

About me: As a seasoned Counselling Psychologist - I see myself as an empowered and a strong individual ready to make a positive impact in the lives of people and overall society. With a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, and extensively trained in Rational Emotive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (RECBT) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), I practice an eclectic approach that allows me to use the most effective methods to address an individual's need

Fact About me surprises people: 
My age, My ability to resonate, My empathetic skills, My qwerky & curious questions, my passion for off-roading vehicles.

My Mantra is : 
Let the person you love grow and feel free in your presence!

I recently discovered that: 
Having an insight to your concern is the biggest achievement ever!

What inspired me to be a therapist:
 I was always amazed to see how a single situation could generate stark different reactions from two individuals. This pushed me to probe deeper as how a human mind functions and what are the factors involved to come to a conclusion. This always helped me to analyze any situation from different perspectives and thoughts, This fascinated me to leap into the world of Psychology and I decided to be a Psychologist.

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