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Saumya Mishra

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Sports Nutrition (Gulf Medical University, UAE)

Licensed nutritionist (UAE), Diabetic Educator,  Nutrigenomic Counselor

Expertise in sustainable lifestyle 


Saumya is a Licensed nutritionist (UAE), Diabetic Educator,  Nutrigenomic Counselor, Diploma holder in Sports Nutrition (Gulf Medical University, UAE), and is a Life Member of the Indian Dietetic Association.

She has been practicing as a dietitian for for over 12 years now.

Her interests includes reading a book or trying to make my world better by composting, recycling, gardening or practicing minimalism .
She aims to make nutrition simple yet effective and without the guilt.

She has helped hundreds of clients transform their lives through her sustainable lifestyle and better food suggestions.

Her Approach

Studies Patients Health conditions and provides nutritional consultation

Balances providing solution and being there to listen

Provides sustainable and wholesome nutrition choices

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