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Relationship Games

Here are some fun relationship games to spice up your relationship - try it out and let us know what you think: 

Go to a quiet place that’s free of distractions, and look into your partner’s eyes for 60 seconds. Then, write down the emotions you felt, what you thought your partner was feeling, and discuss. You may feel silly at first but, trust us, it works

1. Eye to Eye


2. Guess the Emotion 

Write as many emotions as you can think of on slips of paper, and put them in a box. Take turns drawing a slip and acting out the emotion – without words – while your partner tries to guess it.

Try this game before bedtime – reflect back on the day and take turns thanking each other for three positive things. It could be as simple as taking care of a chore that’s been put off, getting the kids to school, or even just acknowledging your feelings.

4. This or That 

Another silly but fun game: ask your partner for their preference between two choices, and why. Need an example? Swimming pool vs beach, cardio or weights, speeding or parking ticket. Improvise and have fun learning more about each other! 

3. Three Thank Yous  

5. Name That Tune

Choose a song from your phone or playlist, play 3-5 seconds, and let your partner try to guess the song and artist. Take turns, and enjoy the fun of learning more about your partner’s music tastes while expanding yours.

6. Two truths and a Lie 

This one is pretty simple – one partner tells two truths and one lie about themselves, and the other tries to guess which is which. This is a great way to learn more of the small details about your partner’s likes and life experiences.

What did you think of these games? Did any appeal to you more than the others? Let us know how we’re doing by snapping a cute couple's selfie and tagging us @tryamaley on Instagram or TikTok, or send us feedback at

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