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Meet Our Providers:


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Mansi Chawla

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Mansi Chawla who has extensively studied and
researched human behaviour and the subconscious mind, T&C
has been healing minds continuously.

She believes in integrating science and belief systems together
to achieve maximum results thus uses Karmic Healing (including
Past Life Regression) Reiki, Chakra healing, Foreign Energy
dynamics along with other therapy modalities like EFT Tapping
(Emotional Freedom Technique)

Her therapies are based on a primary goal of getting to the root
cause of the presenting problem before drafting a structured
plan for holistic healing.


She has been in private practice for over a decade and
has worked with various corporates across India.
As a counsellor, she has given her contribution to The
Army Public School, J&K and handled the chair of Chief

Counsellor at DCM Group of Schools, Punjab and contin-
ues to work with AAWA and The Indian Army.

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