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Holly Paige


Holly works with and can advise on vegetarian, vegan, ketogenic, and raw diets, also showing you how you can make adaptations for your situation.

I can also help with healthy recipes when required.

In addition to advice and guidance,
She offers a range of tests including food sensitivities, health DNA testing, and a wide range of blood tests including hormones and heavy metals.  

A unique range of nutritional products and tonic herbs are also available.

She can advise on nutrition for a yogic lifestyle, especially for those looking to heighten the sense of bliss they reach through their practice.


Diploma in Living Nutrition, College of Living Nutrition

Living Nutrition Master Practitioner 

25 years of experience working in natural health and nutrition

Therapeutic Styles

Great listener and helps patients feel heard

Balances providing solution and being there to listen

Provides safe and non judgemental environment

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