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Meet Our Providers:


Fatima Youness


Fatima is a Licensed Dietitian and a Registered Nutritionist, with a Master's degree in  Nutrition and Behaviour from Bournemouth University in the UK. She empowers and guides women to liberate from the restrictive dieting mentality and harmonize with their bodies'  needs and goals. 

Since 2020, she has worked with many women to heal their relationship with food and their  bodies. Step by step, she works together with the person to strategically change the way  they think, feel and behave around food. She offers a unique approach to finding food  freedom and health and vibrancy, all through constant support and guidance along the way,  by taking a holistic approach to health rather than just focusing on diet. 

Prior to that, she practiced her dietetics internship at Saint Georges University Medical Hospital, where she developed personalized nutrition plans based on clients’, health risks, lifestyle, cultural preferences and goals. 
Her philosophy is to free you from rules and restrictions, and help you heal you relationship  with food, reconnect with your body and build a long-lasting healthy habits. She believes  our nutrition is never complete with understanding the psychology behind our eating  behavior. 

She is experienced in clinical nutrition, nutrition consultancy, eating behaviour coaching,  nutrition education, health awareness campaigns, and has worked with vulnerable  populations (refugees, people recovering from substance abuse, elderly). She is Skilled in content writing and editing, public speaking, teamwork, motivational  interviewing, emotional management, medical nutrition therapy and scientific research. 

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